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MAP: Western Europe Physical
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Readings- Renaissance and Revolution in Europe
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Friday, October 29th Key Terms

 a period of great tension between the United States and the Soviet Union which lasted for more than 40 years after WWII.

(The Cold War)

Forces helping bring peace to the region (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).


A government in which a king or queen is the head of state, but has limited powers; for example, the present government of Great Britain.

(Constitutional Monarchy)

After WWII an organization was created where countries agreed to work together.

(United Nations)

Fees that a government charges for goods entering the country.


A theory of government in which property such as farms and factories are owned by the government.


In a free market system people are free to run their own businesses.

(Free Market System)

An alliance between the countries of Europe to rebuild and increase trade after World War II.

(European Union)