Mrs. Austin's Social Studies


Welcome to the 6th grade! I will be teaching your 6th grade social studies class. The topic of social studies in grade 6 is World Cultures. We will be exploring the geography and history of the world in 6 different units: the U.S. and Canada, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Throughout the year, each student will create a portfolio of the year's work in an Interactive Notebook. This notebook is a mandatory part of the class and takes the place of a traditional binder. During the first few weeks of school, the students will design a cover for the notebook using personal photos, magazines and construction paper. At the end of the course, the student will have their notebook to keep as a “textbook” of the year’s work.

Interactive notebooks promote organization, engage students, and encourage students to process information, combine words and visuals, become a working portfolio, and demonstrate critical thinking.

 The students will be doing hands-on projects in-class daily. Due to this, I am in great need of supplies. Any supplies that can be donated to the class would be greatly appreciated and will ensure the success of the students. There is only one mandatory supply, but please consider donating other items for the students' use.
Supplies needed are:

1.       A composition book (Mandatory, as this is what we create the Interactive notebook from)
2.       Construction paper
3.       Old Magazines
4.       Liquid glue
5.       Colored Pencils
6.       Markers
7.       Paper towels
8.       Any craft supplies
9.       Tissues
10.    Antibacterial hand cleaner

 Each family does not need to provide all of these supplies, but I would like to ask for 2-3 of the above supplies from each family. I know times are tough, so anything, no matter how small, will be appreciated. 


I have high expectations for my students. Students will learn more and become more successful if classroom behavior is appropriate. I expect them to arrive on time to school and class, to come prepared and to be respectful to the teacher and others students. Acting with and treating others with respect will take you a long way in this world. I would like to instill this in the classroom this year.

Thank you and I am excited to begin this new year! If you have any questions, the best way to reach me is by email, or by telephone message at the school. I am available to meet with parents on Mondays from 1pm-2pm. Thanks again and let us have a wonderful school year!


Mrs. Austin